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Reliving My Moonhoney- Rome Day 3 (9/4/09)

September 4, 2009

6AM was an early start to the day! We had to be heading off to Vatican City by 7AM.  We met our local tour guide, Chinza, who gave us all headsets to follow her along on the tour.  We got to enter Vatican City an hour early because we were with a tour group.  We first entered Vatican City (it's own county and the smallest country) by the museum while Chinza gave us information on the Sistine Chapel. We first started looking at sculptures and tapestries.  It seemed that many of the characters in the tapestries were following you when you were walking by.  The ceilings all over were amazing! We took tons of pictures of the sculptures and tapestries because no photos are allowed in the Sistine Chapel.  But before we went in the Chapel, we went to the coffee shop and got an espresso!
When we entered the Chapel, it was breathtaking.  The main wall but the entrance was The Last Judgement by Michelangelo.  Chinza told us a story of the Pope's assistant that aggravated Michelangelo during his painting of the chapel.  Michelangelo decided to get his revenge by painting him in hell with donkey ears and a snake wrapped around his body.  I don't think pictures could do this room justice.  It was amazing.  We then got to leave out the entrance that they new pope leaves after her is ordained.  We got to walk down the same staircase! 
Next we went into St. Peter's and got to see where the Pope does all his holiday masses.  It made me think about when I would watch Pope John Paul do the masses on TV. St. Peter's was gorgeous.  There was so much to see and talk about.  There is a statue of St. Peter there that people who rub the foot of for good luck.  Over time, his toes have disappeared!
After we left Vatican City, we went to see the ancient part of Rome.  I was so giddy because I got to finally see the Colusseum! The beauty of it blew me away.  It was gorgeous and amazing.  I took so many pictures of the Colusseum because of its sheer awesomeness!

We went back to the hotel and got to rest before the 2nd part of our day! Dan and I fell asleep for about an hour.  

Around 3:30PM, we got back on the bus.  We were on our way to the Spanish Steps, the Panthenon (perfect circle), the Beretoli fountain, and the Trevi Fountain. The Panthenon was amazing.  The dome was a perfect circle.  We got to see where Raphael was buried inside the building.  We got to spend time by the Trevi Fountain and throw coins in while making a wish.  Dan and I ended up going into this tiny church right by the Trevi fountain.  I ended up making a donation to the church and got a blessed religious bracelet.  There was an adorable Italian priest who would not stop talking to me in Italian even though I had no idea what he was saying!
                                                                      Spanish Steps
Trevi Fountain


Beretoli Fountain

We finally met Franco by the Beretoli fountain for our dinner.  We had to say good by to Chinza which was sad because she was a great tour guide.  Franco took us to the restaurant where we had a great dinner! First was grilled eggplant, zuchchini, & yellow peppers w/fresco salad.  Next, ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese.  Then fettucine alfredo.  Dan and I got 2 different entrees and shared- salmon w/potatoes and chicken cacciatore with potatoes.  Both had salad.  Last was dessert- fruit salad with strawberry gelato.  We had all the wine that we could drink and the waiter gave the ladies on the tour roses! 

Today was awesome and we got to do and see so much! We are so exhausted! Dan really liked the Sistine Chapel & the Panthenon.  I loved the Colusseum.  I would love to come back.  Tomorrow we leave Rome and head to Florence!

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