Saturday, July 23, 2011

Question of Parenting.

What is the most IRRITATING thing people as me about Grace? The number one thing is- "How long are you going to breastfeed her?" or "Are you seriously still breastfeeding?"
Yes, I am still breastfeeding and plan on letting Grace tell me when she is done with it. Why do people care about it anyway? It is not your business. It is between my daughter and myself.

Another thing is that I am told that I put my daughter to bed way to early. She is in bed at 6:30, 7:00 at the latest. People look at me like I am crazy. I am glad I put her to bed early. She gets the rest she needs and I figure I might not have to fight as hard with her when she gets older. One time someone (in my family) told me that I put her to bed at that time because I do not want to spend time with her. Seriously??!!

The last thing is that I do cloth diapers. I am the one that is washing them and stuffing them. Why does it matter to anyone? It is my husband and I that have to do all the work!

Sorry for the rant. I know I am a good mom. I make mistakes and learn from them all the time.
Right now I have a child who will not take her first nap. Maybe I am a "bad" mom because I am leaving her in her crib. She is not crying, only fussing and talking. Hopefully, she will fall asleep!

Mrs. Crock Pot.

So here is my deal. I am in love with my Crock Pot. If I could marry a kitchen appliance, that would be the one I would exchange vows with. I actually have 2 if I want to really go crazy one day! Sometimes I make dinner in one and dessert in another.

I actually found this awesome website for recipes-
This woman makes a Crock Pot recipe every day. She includes pics and a review after she is done! If you look at the index tab, there are TONS of recipes!

Here are two more of my favorites-
The first one for turkey chili is great. I make it less spicy and add more chocolate at the end.
The very veggie stew is a HUGE hit with my daughter!

So I love the crock pot. I am not ashamed of it. At all.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Don't know how you deal....

I was given shitty news on Friday afternoon. My sister-in-law who was 12 weeks pregnant has a miscarriage. I am at a loss for words. She cried and cried and I was at a loss for words. It happened so suddenly and I feel numb. I spoke to my brother, who is my only sibling. He was devastated and was said that he and my sis-in-law had run out of things to say to each other. I hung up the phone and looked at Grace. I was never so goddamn grateful in my life.

I then became angry. Why is it that some assholes can have kids. You know who I mean- the ones that abuse their kids- whether it be physical/mental/verbal/neglect/whatever- but a wonderful couple who would love a baby more than everything lose one. I just don't get it. Maybe I am not supposed to. I say it is bullshit. People that abuse kids make me sick, while some people lose kids or cannot have kids at all that would treat them like gold.

I know they will get over this with love and time. I hope and pray that they will try again and be blessed with what I have.

I love you guys and I am sending you love every minute of the day.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


What are my guilty pleasures you ask? I do have a few (A LOT) of them! LEt's take it a few at a time-
TV- It is sad to say but I really like some reality TV. I love Real Housewives of New Jersey, So You Think You Can Dance, Jersey Shore (I know.. I know..), and some other craptastic reality shows. I am not into the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette stuff. I also LOVE Gossip Girl! Some of my other TV shows are somewhat normal. Thinking of my list now makes me realize I watch a lot of TV after Grace goes to sleep!
Movies- I love Dumb and Dumber. It makes me laugh my ass off each time I watch it! It is so stupid but it is awesome. I am not to sure if there are any other movies I am embarassed to say I like. Give me a few minutes and I might think of some!
Snacks- I am addicted to Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee. I found it when I was pregnant and became, in a word, OBSESSED! I forgot about it for awhile but then found it again and cannot stop eating it (due to lack of sheer willpower). I am also having a love affair with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I do not put milk on it. Eat it right out of the box. I need to stop eating the ice cream because I am putting on some weight. I decided to only eat it on the weekends! We will have to see how that goes.
Right now, I have a baby that will not take her first nap and it is driving me up a wall. Til l next time!

Friday, July 1, 2011


So here we go again! Dan and I decided a while back that we wanted to have 2 kids. 2 and be done! We started trying again in May with no success. June was not successful either. I have this idea that I want to get pregnant on the first shot. It did not happen with Grace and it did not happen this time either- I am a bit of an overachiever.

I am nervous about having another one. Grace was a really good baby- after I figured out what I was actually doing (not that I have a clue still but I am getting better). I love the newborn stage but really love when babies can play and do things on their own! I am excited to give Grace a brother or sister!

It looks like I will have 2 under 2 (hopefully). People give me the crazy look when I tell them this but Dan and I decided that we wanted them to be close in age but not too close. We have a good support system with my mom and his. I figure that it will all work out!

Fingers crossed that I get knocked up some time soon! I am trying not to stress or think about it too much- just having fun with the "practice"!!