Monday, October 31, 2011

2 weeks until 15 months....

Here I am updating my readers on the love of my life, Grace Catherine. She will be 15 months on 11/15 and amazes me more and more everyday.  Here is what is going on in her world!

Grace is a walker now.  She is walking/running all over the place and can get into a standing position from sitting.  She is totally done with crawling.  It is amazing to watch her walk like a little girl.  It totally cracks me up and makes me sad at the same time.  She is losing her "thunder thighs" also know as baby fat on her legs.

She has been signing a lot.  I am shocked when she looks at me and signs a new word.  Here is the list so far: please, thank you, eat bear, nice, outside, milk, more, shoes, ball. baby, hat, and eat.  She signs "milk" when she wants something to drink.  She can sign "more please" and"outside please" She is really getting good.  If you are ever one the fence about teaching your baby to sign, it is totally worth it!

As for words, she is saying a couple: mama, dada, cat, car, and duck.  If you ask her what sound certain animals say, she can tell you that dogs go "woof", ducks go "quack", and cows go "moo".  She has been trying to say "girl" or "Grace".  She is making the "g" sound a lot!

Tonight we went out Trick or Treating.  I am crazy about putting her to bed at the same time every night but today she was up a half hour later than usual.  We only went to a few houses but had a great time!

I have to take her to the doctor in November for her 15 month check up so we will get to see weight and height! She might have to get more blood work done to check on her anemia which I am not excited about at all! Last time, I was more of a mess than she was.  She did an awesome job!

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