Saturday, September 24, 2011

Update on My Girl!

So it has been awhile since I have blogged about Grace, life, or anything! Let me catch you up on what is going on in the Deming's world (AKA- Grace's World.).

Grace had her 12 month visit to her doctor on 8/19/11.  She was 21 pounds 6 ounces and 32 inches long.  I still think she is taller that that but it is subjective because this girl cannot sit or lie still for even a minute! She is 55th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height (according to the WHO charts).  She is right on point, if not slightly ahead for development.  She got some shots and did excellent! 

As of now, she is up and walking all over the place.  She cannot stand up from a sitting position just yet.  If she falls when walking, she crawls over to something, pulls herself up and gets moving again.  I have seen so many more bruises over the past few weeks but that is something i have to accept when she is mobile.  She also tries to run now.  If I have her hand, she really tries to get her motor going.  It is hysterical to watch her walk around.  

She is getting really good with signing! She knows the signs for a lot of things but is really starting to sign back- more, milk, please, nice.  I am trying to sign alot with her and her Baby Signing Time videos are awesome-  I plan on keeping up the signing for a long time since I am getting results with her! The word we are working on now is help.  I get frustrated when people "make up" signs when I mention she is learning sign language.  Annoy me to no end.

Grace has always been vocal but now she is forming words and knows what she is saying.  She says "Nah, nah" for no, "Ya, Ya" for yes, "Ka" for cat, Mama, Dada (sometimes Daddy), "Da' for dog, and "Ba" is either book or ball.  She uses "ba" for both.  She is also getting really good with animal sounds.  She is always barking like a dog.  If you ask her what sound a dog makes, she barks.  She barks when she sees a dog.  It is the funniest thing to hear.

As of right now, she is following simple directions.  For example, "Take this to...", "Give me..." , and "Bring me..." I love handing her something and tell her to "Take this to Daddy, please" and off she goes! 

These past 13 months have been amazing and I would not change them for the world.  Yes, she goes through phases that are somewhat annoying (like the pick me up and hold me all the time because I will yell and fuss if you don't phase) but she is the love of my life and I love spending every day with her!!!


  1. Isn't it crazy how fast time flies by when being pregnant seemed to take forever?

    Grace is one of the most adorable babies I've ever seen, keep doing whatever you're doing <3

  2. Thanks! She is pretty spectacular!