Sunday, September 25, 2011

Update on My Girl! Part 2

There were a few things that I totally forgot when I was blogging about Grace last night! So much stuff has happened over the past month or so, it is crazy! Here are a few things I forgot!

Grace is starting to identify her body parts! She can show you where her belly is.  First, she used to point to/grab her belly but now she pulls up her shirt and shows you her belly.  She can also show you her toes and her nose.  She gets her eyes and ears confused but she is getting there!  She can also tell me where her knees are sometimes.  

There are a few more animal sounds she can do.  When I ask her what a chicken says, she says "Gluck, Gluck".  She still does the dog sound and sometimes yells when I ask her what a sheep says.

She is my girl!

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